Can You Hear More Upstairs Or Downstairs?

Does sound travel upstairs or downstairs?

In short, sound is omnidirectional, meaning that it can travel in all directions, including up and down.

However, with that said, there are factors that can influence sound’s direction.

So, as you can see, while sound travels in all directions, the amount of noise you hear depends on several different factors..

How do I ignore noisy upstairs neighbors?

Using high-quality earplugs for sleeping is always an option, as is using headphones to listen to music or watch television. A gentle tap on your ceiling (their floor) with a broom handle sometimes works, too, because people are often so self-absorbed that they actually don’t realize how loud they are being.

Can I call the cops on my upstairs neighbors?

Police. The first thing you can do is call the police. Often, having an officer show up at the door about a noise complaint is enough to get most people to tone it down. Most areas have noise ordinances, and repeat visits from the police could result in fines or even misdemeanor charges.

Can I sue my upstairs neighbor for noise?

If your neighbor keeps disturbing you, you can sue, and ask the court for money damages or to order the neighbor to stop the noise (“abate the nuisance,” in legal terms). For money damages alone, you can use small claims court. … And suing in small claims court is easy, inexpensive, and doesn’t require a lawyer.

How can you soundproof an existing floor without removing a ceiling?

How Do You Soundproof an Existing Ceiling Without Removing Drywall?Install a Drop Ceiling. … Hang Curtains From the Ceiling. … Add Some Decorations. … Use Furnishing to Your Advantage. … Implement Soundproofing Materials. … Soundproof the Floor Above.

Is it better to have an upstairs or downstairs apartment?

The Convenience of Not Having to Use the Stairs or Elevators – If you despise walking stairs or waiting for the elevator, a downstairs apartment might be a better fit for you. … It’s easier to carry your groceries to a downstairs apartment and it’s also quicker to get to your car.

How do I stop sound from upstairs to downstairs?

Ways to Reduce Noise From UpstairsInsulate the Ceiling. … Improve the Mass of the Ceiling (without demo) … Replace the Ceiling. … Use Soundproofing Sealant. … Install Drop Ceiling. … Soundproof the Floor Above You. … Use Resilient Underlayment with Damping Compound. … Reduce Squeaking.More items…•

Is it normal to hear footsteps upstairs?

If you are living in the apartment, the main problem should not be neighbors from beneath, but from upstairs. Sometimes, the noise is so loud that you can’t sleep or function normal. Most of the times, if the insulation is bad, you will hear the footsteps or some irritating noises that are repeatedly bouncing off.

Can your upstairs neighbors hear you?

The short answer is yes! Lower level apartments tend to hear more noise from foot traffic, furniture moving and the like. The biggest complaint with regard to noise from lower level apartments, is the noise neighbors make above them while walking around.

Do first floor apartments get robbed more?

The top floor may cost you more than just extra calories as you huff it up and down the stairs, however. You’ll also be at a lower risk for robbery than a first floor tenant. Apartments are constructed at the cheapest costs possible and change hands often.

How do I stop hearing my footsteps upstairs?

For noise that’s coming from upstairs, install a drop ceiling in your home. Use resilient channel, and invest in acoustical tile that’s designed to block noise. Because the drop ceiling is situated below the original drywall ceiling, the plenum space in between helps isolate noises from footsteps or similar sounds.