Question: What Is A Synonym For Acceleration?

What is another word for positive acceleration?


hastening, hurrying, stepping up (informal), expedition, speeding up, stimulation, advancement, promotion, spurring, quickening He has called for an acceleration of political reforms.


How Can acceleration be calculated?

Calculating acceleration involves dividing velocity by time — or in terms of SI units, dividing the meter per second [m/s] by the second [s]. Dividing distance by time twice is the same as dividing distance by the square of time. Thus the SI unit of acceleration is the meter per second squared .

What is an antonym for acceleration?

acceleration(noun) (physics) a rate of increase of velocity. Antonyms: deceleration, retardation, slowing.

What exhilaration means?

: causing strong feelings of happy excitement and elation : thrilling an exhilarating experience …

What does hasten mean?

intransitive verb. : to move or act quickly She hastened up the stairs.

Is speed another word for acceleration?

Acceleration Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for acceleration?speedrapiditypaceratevelocitycelerityhastespeedinesstempomomentum60 more rows

Is acceleration positive or negative when falling?

The acceleration due to gravity is ALWAYS negative. Any object affected only by gravity (a projectile or an object in free fall) has an acceleration of -9.81 m/s2, regardless of the direction. The acceleration is negative when going up because the speed is decreasing.

What is the definition for acceleration?

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. Usually, acceleration means the speed is changing, but not always. When an object moves in a circular path at a constant speed, it is still accelerating, because the direction of its velocity is changing.

What is a synonym and antonym for accelerate?

ækˈsɛlɝˌeɪt) Move faster. Synonyms. speed up quicken brisken deepen intensify brisk up speed brisk. Antonyms. decelerate sedate de-energize de-energise stifle.

Which word is most similar to Velocity?

velocitycelerity,fastness,fleetness,haste,hurry,quickness,rapidity,rapidness,More items…

What is a positive acceleration?

When an object is speeding up, the acceleration is in the same direction as the velocity. Thus, this object has a positive acceleration. In Example B, the object is moving in the negative direction (i.e., has a negative velocity) and is slowing down.

What is the another name of negative acceleration?

The other name of negative acceleration is “Retardation or Deceleration”.

What is the other name of negative?

What is another word for negative?adversarialadversaryuntowardnaysayingrecusantrepugnantantipatheticadverseopposedopposing57 more rows

Are momentum and acceleration the same thing?

Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity. Momentum is the mass times the velocity. So if you multiply the mass times the acceleration, you get the of change of momentum.

What happens when acceleration is zero?

Acceleration is the rate at which an object’s speed and direction are changing with time, so whenever an object passes through zero speed as it reverses directions it has a non-zero acceleration but a speed of zero. … It’s still accelerating downward during that motionless instant, but its speed is zero.

What is the another name of acceleration?

speed. nounrate of motion, often a high rate. acceleration. activity. agility.

Which is an example of negative acceleration?

Some common examples are : →A car is moving with high velocity (say v1 = 100km/hr toward North) suddenly it’s driver notices a dog crossing the road, applies the brake and reduces the velocity of car to zero(v2 = 0) in 10 seconds (t2 – t1 = 10). So v2 -v1 is negative, implies negative acceleration.

What is SI unit of retardation?

The SI unit of retardation is the same as that of acceleration, that is metre per second squared (m/s2).