Why Does My Girlfriend Keep Talking To Her Ex?

Is texting ex cheating?

In some relationships, traditional concepts of physical infidelity may not apply—it doesn’t count as cheating if you’ve both agreed it’s fine to sleep with other people.

It really all comes down to the ground rules that you and your partner set..

Is it OK to talk to an ex while in a relationship?

It’s okay to talk to your ex only when the following three conditions are met: You no longer possess feelings for your ex. Your ex no longer possesses feelings for you. Your partner knows that you’re talking to your ex and is okay with it.

Is it normal for my GF to talk to her ex?

“If it’s truly a healthy relationship with an ex, your partner should be willing to communicate with him or her in your presence.” She says that you also have a right to be worried if your S.O. is talking to an ex just as frequently or more frequently than they talk to you.

Should I tell my girlfriend to stop talking to her ex?

Sure. If you want her to continue talking to him, ask her to stop. You have two choices- be secure in your relationship to the point you surrender to love and trust or start telling her what to do or what not to do and end up looking like a control freak.

What should I do if my girlfriend keeps texting her ex?

If her ex’s constant texting/calling bothers you, explain to her how this makes you feel. Don’t just stop with how the messages make you feel, but how it makes you feel that she hasn’t taken steps to put it to an end. She can’t control what an ex does, but she can control how she reacts to it.

Why does she keep mentioning her ex?

She is thinking about him a lot and even if she has moved on she has left over emotions. Either that or shes trying to get the guys attention and make him jealous or she is trying to tell the guy she isn’t interested. It means that the ex is an important point of reference for her.